Welcome to the Manitoba Dental Association Office Assessment Resource.

The material on this site is to provide relevant information and support for dentists and dental assistants to understand the assessment process; current standards and expectations.

The primary resource is the interactive video replace “interactive video” which will go step by step through the process as an assessor would during an actual office assessment. Key principles in critical areas and issues will be outlined and emphasized. Interactive links to additional resources throughout the video will allow you to access supplementary information to support your decision making on specific issues.

As indicated, the video proceeds through the office assessment process as an assessor would evaluate your office.

The areas and issues covered are:

Process for office selection, setting a date and time for the office assessment
Staff availability requirements during the office assessment
The pre-visit questionnaire
Dental office policy manual and minimum documents required
Office exterior and entrance
Patient waiting area
Reception/business area
Patient record storage area
Treatment operatories
Sterilization area
Central radiograph processing area
Dental material use and disposal
Radiation Safety
Infection prevention and control protocols
Office emergency medical kit and protocols
Confidentiality protocols
Pharmacological behaviour management

Friday, December 08, 2023